Our work on a silk-inspired organ chip platform with in vivo-like tissue morphogenesis is published in Science Advances

June 19, 2024

In this study, we developed a new microfluidic organ chip device that enables in vivo-like tissue development and function from stem cells. Using this platform, we uncovered a way to generate fenestrated vascular endothelium from stem cells and create a patient-specific multicellular blood filtration barrier. This work opens up new possibilities for modeling organ development and function, uncovering disease mechanisms, and discovering new therapies. We thank the NIH/NIDDK, The Whitehead Foundation, and others for supporting our work!

Full research article: An ultrathin membrane mediates tissue-specific morphogenesis and barrier function in a human kidney chip | Science Advances

Press release: Silkworms Help Grow Better Organ-Like Tissues in Labs | Duke Pratt School of Engineering