Welcome to the Musah Lab!

Laboratory for Stem Cell Engineering and Human Disease Modeling

The Musah Lab aim to understand how molecular and biophysical cues can function either synergistically or independently to guide organ development and function, and how these processes can be therapeutically harnessed to treat human disease. Given the prevalence of kidney disease which can lead to organ failure, and the lack of targeted therapeutics, our current research projects focus on applying stem cell biology to engineer functional models of the human kidney with the goal of developing novel therapeutic modalities for human kidney disease.

Our interdisciplinary team of scientists, engineers, and clinicians use ideas and approaches spanning stem cell and developmental biology, biophysics, microengineering, chemistry, medicine, genome engineering, and computational/mathematical modeling of complex biological problems. Our strategy is to develop robust methods for directed differentiation of patient-derived stem cells into organ-specific cell types and extend these studies to engineer functional in vitro models for several applications including the elucidation of disease mechanisms, identification of novel biomarkers, regenerative medicine, organ-level engineering, and drug discovery. 

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