Four Musah Lab Master's Students Simultaneously Win the Duke Biomedical Engineering Research Award

April 26, 2023

 20230426_MS student awards post.jpg

Congratulations to Carolyn Du, Ayushi Sharma, Kaitlyn Stephens, and Lokesh Sirkali Suresh Kumar on receiving the Duke BME Master's Student Research Fellowship to support their independent research studies in our lab.

Lokesh was awarded $2000, and Carolyn, Ayushi, and Kaitlyn received $1000 each to support their research in the lab.

Carolyn is working on a project to engineer microfluidic devices with biomimetic membranes to model tissue structure and function by integrating stem cell-derived epithelial and vascular endothelial cells.

Lokesh and Ayushi are working on a project that uses stem cell differentiation methods to understand the molecular mechanisms of hereditary kidney diseases.

Kaitlyn uses bioactive hydrogels to examine the role of matrix elasticity in kidney cell differentiation from stem cells and their derivatives.